Are your XLR cables and accessories compatible with Panavision?

To put it simply, no, but there is a caveat. Panavision wires many of their power cables differently than the rest of the industry, so we consider those XLR cables to be non-standard. Our products are not compatible by default, but we can customize most items for you to be compatible with Panavision or other non-standard wiring schemes. 

The most common issue with Panavision are how they wire 3-pin XLR Cables. You will need an adapter that crosses the positive and negative lines over if you plan to use non-Panavision devices with Panavision Cables. We also offer customizations of our products to be compatible with Panavision.

Standard 3-pin XLR wiring scheme:

  1. Ground
  2. + 24 V
  3. Not Connected

Panavision 3-pin XLR cables are wired as follows:

  1. +24 V
  2. Ground
  3. Not Connected

Please contact us before ordering to enquire about customizations.

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