What power sources work with the PowerBlock 250W Inverter?

The PowerBlock 250W Inverter can accept voltage between 21.4V-33V DC.

Most block batteries supply a regulated 28V, but some block batteries supply voltage as high as 34V. Please check the operator's manual supplied with your power source before connecting it to the PowerBlock to confirm it operates within the Inverter's 21.4V-33V operating range.

Please note that our XLR inputs are wired for broadcast standard, which is used by Anton/Bauer and compatible block batteries (Pin-1 GND, Pin-2 +VDC). Do not use Panavision block battery cables with the PowerBlock Inverter as they are wired differently. If you are powering the PowerBlock Inverter from a Panavision Block Battery, please make sure your 3-pin XLR cable is wired correctly.

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