I'm having intermittent issues using a BreakerBatt on my SmallHD 702 L-Series plate. What can I do?

There is a common failure point with the SmallHD 700 series monitors that affects BreakerBatt users. The L-Series battery terminals in the 702 monitor may wear out after some use, and the only way to remedy the issue is to replace the rear clamshell of the monitor.

This issue is not caused by the BreakerBatt; it happens from normal wear and tear and affects all L-Series batteries and adapters.

The end-user can troubleshoot this issue by testing each L-Series battery plate with several L-Series battery adapters and batteries. Here are the troubleshooting steps that we recommend going through before contacting Rencher Industries support:

  1. Uninstall the BreakerBatt from the monitor
  2. Install a battery or battery adapter on one L-Series battery position
  3. Power on the monitor
  4. Bump, or apply pressure is to the rear clamshell of the monitor

If the monitor powers off or reboots with your battery or power adapter, then the issue is not with the BreakerBatt; it is with the monitor. Rencher Industries cannot fix the issue. We recommend contacting SmallHD support to get the issue fixed.

If you've gone through these steps with several batteries or other battery adapters, and you've found that the problem only occurs with your Rencher Industries BreakerBatt, please contact our support team.

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