Do you repair BNC Cable?

Many of our clients ask us if we repair BNC cable. The simple answer to that is: no.

The reason for that is because BNC connectors are not reusable in almost all cases, and they must be thrown away if they are removed from the cable. Since the most common cause of BNC cable failure is a break in the coaxial cable, a repair would consist of replacing the cable.

You can see the conundrum here: If the cable needs to be replaced, but the connectors are not reusable, then we are actually completely replacing the entire assembly. That is why we always recommend replacement BNC cable over repairs.

Our clients will often ask why we cannot simply cut a cable short and replace one side of the cable. The answer to why we don't do this is threefold: 

  1. How to locate the break - If there is no noticeable damage, then it would be a guessing game to find the break.
  2. More than one break - If there is visible damage, and a repair is made, what if there is another break down the line?
  3. Labor cost - Our labor cost for repairs exceeds the cost of new BNC cables in most instances, and it becomes impractical to repair most cables.
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