My BreakerBatt doesn't seem to be working. What can I do to Troubleshoot?

If you find that you are having trouble with your BreakerBatt, it is advised to try these troubleshooting techniques before contacting support. Here are some suggested troubleshooting techniques:

Have you -

  • Visually inspected the output contacts of the Breakerbatt for physical damage? Is there any other noticeable damage to the BreakerBatt, like a deformation in the casing?
  • Verified that your power source is supplying between 10-38V?
  • Verified that the power source can output the current that you require to power your device(s)?
  • Verified that you aren't trying to pull more than the BreakerBatt's rated 2.5A current output?
  • Tested the output of the BreakerBatt with a multimeter to determine if there is 7.5V present when connected to a power source?
  • Tested your input cable for shorts, and have you tried multiple cables?
  • Powered your device on with something other than your BreakerBatt to confirm that the device to be powered isn't faulty?
  • Tested the monitor's battery plate with a battery of the same type to rule out a faulty battery plate as the cause?
  • Verified that power isn't being fed to the power output of your BreakerBatt? No other power source should be connected on the output side of the BreakerBatt.
  • Verified that there is no short or reverse polarity on the output side of the BreakerBatt? The BreakerBatt does not have reverse polarity protection on the output side.

If you have performed all of these troubleshooting techniques, and you have not solved your problem. Please contact support to begin the RMA process. Please provide support with the serial number etched in the bottom of the BreakerBatt to start that process.

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