How is cable length represented?

Rencher Industries standardized cable length in inches. Some product pages show inches and feet, usually with feet in parenthesis.

The symbol for inches is denoted by two vertical strikes, represented in type by quotation marks (") while the symbol for feet is denoted by a single vertical strike, represented in type by an apostrophe (').

Rencher Industries measures cable length from the end of each cable collet, which is the term for the cable clamp. In most cases, this means that the exposed cable length is represented by the measurement on any product page. Some cables have strain-relief boots, which extend beyond the collet. Strain relief boots are not considered when measuring cable length. We do not measure cable "tip-to-tip", meaning that we do not include the connector length in our measurements.

When figuring out which cable length you will need, keep in mind that all cable has a minimum bend radius (usually about an inch for standard cable). We recommend using a soft measuring tape or a piece of string to follow the same path as the cable will travel, taking into account the minimum bend radius.

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