What can I power with a BreakerBatt?

The Rencher Industries BreakerBatt can power any device with a Canon LP-E6 or Sony NP-F550 style battery plate that consumes 2.5A (18.5 watts at 7.4V) or less.

Either of the 2-pin Lemo connectors can be used as the input or passthrough. The maximum passthrough current that the BreakerBatt can handle is 10A.

The actual maximum current that is available to the user depends on a number of factors, including power source, cabling wire gauges used, cable lengths, and other factors. Please be aware that using the BreakerBatt at its maximum current rating for a period of time might cause the regulator to heat to the point where its thermal shutdown safety feature will activate. If this happens, unplug the power source and allow the regulator to cool for about ten minutes before plugging the power source back in.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding what devices you might want to use the BreakerBatt with.

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