Which way does a 90 degree Lemo bend?

Lemo currently offers two basic types of 90 degree connectors, the first, which we call a "standard" 90 degree Lemo connector, are usually easy to get in a short amount of time. Standard 90 degree Lemo connectors always bend away from the red marker on the connector shell, as seen in the photo below:

Can I get a Lemo connector that bends in a different direction?

Lemo has recently started shipping a new connector called an Anglissimo that can be assembled in different clock positions allowing the cable to exit in one of eight directions. Anglissimo connectors do not freely spin, but are assigned a clock position when assembled. We don't recommend that end-users change the clock position themselves as it can be a difficult process. We are doing our best to keep these items stocked, and we will be updating the website to allow the new 90 degree connectors to be chosen as an option on various product pages.

Lemo's Anglissimo connector can be assembled in eight orientations. The red dot represents the keyway and aligns with the red dot on the Lemo jack. Position "5" on the diagram is the way a standard 90 degree Lemo is assembled; away from the keyway. Please note that if you order a cable in position 5 from one of our product pages, we will ship a standard 90 degree Lemo, not an Aglissimo. The view shown below is of the back of the plug:


There is currently an added lead time for these assignable clock-position connectors, so if you would like to enquire about their current lead time, please contact us.

Are there any other ways to reorient a 90 degree Lemo connector on my device?

Some devices are designed in such a way that the Lemo jack can be reoriented to allow the cable to exit in a different direction. Some manufacturers will make the modification for you, but if they cannot or will not, Rencher Industries might be able to make the modification for you.

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